Smart Error Monitoring for Spring Developers

Nobody likes to find out about errors from the customers themselves. The ripple effect of churn from a single user interaction is crucial to an organization. For Spring Developers, capturing errors early on in your application is important as it’s a popular framework for enterprise application.

Join us to learn how to get started with a sophisticated Error Monitoring with simple integration for Spring apps. Learn key benefits, installation guidelines and configuration tips on Error Monitoring for Spring.

In this webinar we will review:

  • Market Overview
  • Introduction to Error Monitoring for Spring Apps
  • How to get started with Rollbar for Spring
  • Key Features Overview
  • Live Q&A
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Advanced Error Monitoring & Debugging With Rollbar

Rollbar helps developers deploy better software, faster, with solutions that identify, prioritize and resolve coding errors. Join Rollbar's product experts as they showcase key features to reduce deployment time and cost with an accuracy that you and your team can rely on.

In this webinar we will demo:

  • Error Monitoring with Rollbar Core
  • Error classification
  • Rollbar Query Language (RQL) for best in-class insights
  • Notifications Rules Engine
  • Rollbar release monitoring
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Debugging Apex Applications with Error Monitoring

Rollbar is the first company bringing the value of modern Error Monitoring and Debugging to the Apex ecosystem and to the broader Salesforce platform (supporting Apex, Lightning and Heroku). Learn how to set it up and start using it.

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Maximize Your Workflow Through the Clubhouse API

Learn how the Clubhouse API can give you a greater amount of control over your data and help automate your workflow.

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Speeding Up Software Delivery: You're Only As Good As Your Weakest Link

Learn about the trends in DevOps and modern application architectures, and the common challenges enterprises face as they try to scale and speed up software delivery.

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CircleCI and Rollbar on enabling Continuous Delivery

Join CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber and Rollbar Co-founder and CTO Cory Virok as they discuss 9 questions about continuous delivery.

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