Brian Rue

More stack trace filename search filters

We've released several new search filters to make it easier to find errors by the filenames in their stack trace. If you've ever wanted to find client-side Angular JavaScript errors that only occurred within your own specific domain, or exceptions originating in a specific part of your code, keep reading.

You've always been able to search for errors where any filename contains a string, but now you can also search for errors where:

  • all filenames contain a string (allfiles:myproject)
  • no filenames contain a string (nofiles:evilproject)
  • the top stack frame's filename contains a string (
  • the bottom stack frame's filename contains a string (bottomfile:some_important_library)
  • the number of filenames is within a range (minfiles:1 and/or maxfiles:10)
  • any filename contains a string (file:.rb)

These filters can all be combined in a single query. If you forget which filters exist, mouse over the ? next to the search box to see the help text.

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