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5 Surprising and Sneaky Ways Errors Impact Your Business

Written By Jason Skowronski April 16th, 2018

Every app is imperfect and generates errors, but do you know how errors affect your users and business? When you look at logs for a large application, you might see thousands of errors per day and not know where to start. Even worse are errors that are not tracked by your application. They could be buttons that stop working, input that isn’t saved, or any number of other issues. Without proper error tracking, you are flying blind to these user experience problems.

Unfortunately, developers who are deep in the code are not expected to understand how these errors impact users, and ultimately, their company’s finances. Even if they know of an error that should be fixed, it can be difficult to articulate why they should be fixed instead of developing a new feature. Here are five ways developers can advocate to management about the importance of fixing errors.

error graphic

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Monitoring tools for serverless environments and AWS Lambda

Written By Twain Taylor January 8th, 2018

Serverless computing platforms like AWS Lambda represent a new computing paradigm. Over the past decade, we’ve been trying to abstract the application layer from the infrastructure layer. VMs started this by virtualizing hardware servers, and Docker containers extended this by packaging just the application code separate from the host system.

The next step in this process is to completely remove the host from the equation, and simply focus on the application code—which is what serverless computing is all about. But as with most things new, serverless forces you to change how you used to do things, including the way you monitor functions.

Below, I explain how monitoring changes in a serverless environment. I focus on Lambda in particular, although most of these observations apply to any type of modern serverless platform.

Screenshot of serverless environment

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What We Shipped in 2017 📦

Written By Mike Smith December 28th, 2017

At Rollbar, 2017 has been a year of exciting growth and development for the product and the team. We've grown the total number of users to over 100,000, processing billions of events per week, and the team has more than doubled in size. I know it's cliche, but, it genuinely does feel like we're just getting started. ;-)

Before we put this year behind us and speed into 2018, I thought we'd look back, and share some of the highlights of what we shipped in 2017.

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Purpose-Built Error Monitoring Alternative to New Relic

Written By Jason Skowronski August 8th, 2017

One of the more frequently asked questions we hear is: "Doesn't my existing Application Performance Management (APM) solution, such as New Relic, monitor and track errors in our application?"

The short answer is - it’s not enough. They are very complementary and most Rollbar users use both (we do) for various debugging scenarios. APM tools are great at telling you what's slow, when and where exceptions occur. Rollbar provides a lot more contextual information to help you determine what's broken, why they occur, who is affected, and how to fix them. It saves you a substantial amount of time dealing with errors and leaves more time for resolving issues and improving your product experiences.

error monitoring diagram

Let’s see how New Relic and Rollbar compare when it comes to monitoring and managing application errors.

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Upcoming Events - Meet the Rollbar team IRL

Written By Nellie Sisti April 18th, 2017

Come meet some of the Rollbar team members this Spring! We'll be attending these upcoming events below and we'd love to meet with you in person! We'd love to hear your thoughts on Rollbar and answer any questions you may have. You may want to share your projects with us, get to know the team or pickup some Rollbar gear. Please drop by and make sure to say Hi!

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Join Rollbar at AWS re:Invent

Written By Mike Smith November 21st, 2016

Join us this year at Amazon Web Services annual conference, re:Invent! Rollbar will be participating along side of Atlassian and other Atlassian ecosystem partners like StatusPage, Splunk, Puppet, Xmatters and Workato. We will all be in the Atlassian booth demonstrating how our solutions work better together. Come by and check it out - booth 2446.

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Join us for a panel discussion on DDoS attacks, DNS and more [EVENT]

Written By Mike Smith November 8th, 2016

Join us next week for CircleCI's November Office Hours!

Cory Virok, Co-founder and CTO of Rollbar, along with others from the startup community will be participating in a panel discussion on October's DDoS attack that took down a lot of the services we rely on in our everyday workflows.

When: Wednesday November 16th @ 6pm PT

Where: Heavybit 325 9th Street San Francisco, CA

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Correlate errors to feature rollout tests with Rollbar and Split

Written By Adil Aijaz, Co-Founder & CEO of Split November 3rd, 2016

Our friends at Split wanted to let you know that you can now integrate Rollbar with Split. And take control of your error handling and feature rollouts - together. Enjoy! :-)

Rollbar is an excellent error monitoring service that works across all of the languages Split supports. It’s great at telling you what’s going wrong and where, but doesn’t necessarily have all the details on why. That’s where Split comes in, with our new Rollbar integration.

We built Split to help teams take control of their deployments by slowly delivering features to targeted groups of users. In this way you can limit the scope of trouble when things do go wrong, killing the feature until it’s fixed, then slowly rolling it out again. Our new integration brings rollout metadata from features in Split into the Rollbar interface, so teams can quickly correlate errors against the latest deployments.

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A better error monitoring workflow Rollbar + Atlassian

Written By Mike Smith October 12th, 2016

Dealing with errors can be time consuming and often an interruption in your everyday development workflow. It's important that we at Rollbar continue to work to improve this process and that we extend the capabilities and insights of your current toolset and workflows.

Atlassian users can now rejoice! 🎉 Debugging errors just got a whole lot easier and faster. With our latest improvements and integrations with Atlassian products you can now keep tabs on your application directly within the tools you're already using to build it. No more switching between multiple tools and services to debug and deploy code. Creating a seamless user experience and unified workflow around production errors.

Integrating Rollbar’s error monitoring with Atlassian’s products provides teams with:

  • Instant error grouping and aggregation: Errors are grouped by root cause and linked to your source code within Bitbucket.
  • Real-time notifications: Intelligent alerting rules configured for HipChat and JIRA.
  • Easy workflow and prioritization: Discover the most impactful errors with data and create issues in JIRA instantly with rich data, contextual details and error analytics.
  • Faster time to resolution: Debug, deploy fixes and track regressions much faster when your error data moves through HipChat, JIRA and Bitbucket automatically.

Watch our short video for an overview of how Rollbar and Atlassian's products work together:

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On the road again, where Rollbar will be this fall

Written By Rivkah Standig October 11th, 2016

Rollbar team members will be at the following events in the next few months, and we'd love to chat with you in person! Whether you have some specific questions about Rollbar, want to tell us about your projects, or just want some Rollbar gear, we'll be hanging out at these events eager to to talk shop. If you see us at any of these places, make sure to say "hi"! 👋

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Rollbar add-on now available for JIRA

Written By Mike Smith October 10th, 2016

We’ve recently released a new JIRA Add-On to help extend your application error monitoring workflow. JIRA is one of the leading issue tracking solutions used by agile teams. Enabling them to plan, track, release and support building better software.

Send rich error data to JIRA

Connect Rollbar to JIRA and enhance issues with detailed error data like stack trace, error status, total occurrences, unique IPs affected, first seen date, last seen date and the date the error reoccurred and regressed. All conveniently displayed, linked and accessible within JIRA.

Here are a few of the ways you can improve your monitoring workflow when you connect Rollbar with JIRA and install the new Rollbar for JIRA add-on:

  • Link and display root cause exception data in issues.
  • Set notification rules to automatically open new issues.
  • Create and assign JIRA issues with a few clicks.
  • Bidirectional syncing, update statuses in both Rollbar and JIRA.
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Meet the Rollbar team IRL at these upcoming events

Written By Mike Smith March 25th, 2016

Rollbar is hitting the road. Catch one (or more) or our team members at the following events in the next few months. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your projects, answer your questions and share some Rollbar swag. If you see us at an event, please stop by and say "Hi.”

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Codeship + Rollbar

Written By Brian Rue June 17th, 2014
Our friends over at Codeship wrote a piece about how they use Rollbar to track deployments and fix exceptions. More on the Codeship blog: Tracking Deployments with Rollbar.
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Launch and initial funding

Written By Brian Rue February 26th, 2013
Today we’re excited to announce the public launch of Rollbar. Rollbar tracks and analyzes errors in production applications, helping dev and ops teams diagnose and fix them.
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Happy Halloween

Written By Cory Virok October 31st, 2012
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