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Under-the-hood with Scout: a look at a New Relic alternative

Written By Derek Haynes April 5th, 2018

This is a guest post by Derek Haynes from Scout, an APM that integrates with Rollbar.

When New Relic launched ten years ago, web applications had a tendency to fail hard and in more obvious ways:

twitter fail

Today, it's easier to build resilient apps, but they fail in more complex, unique, and subtle ways. These issues are time-consuming to track down. While several niche New Relic alternatives have appeared, they've focused on a lighter feature set versus solving these increasingly hard performance problems.

Unlike existing "New Relic Lite" alternatives, Scout approaches performance monitoring much like Rollbar's best-of-breed error monitoring. Scout is designed to drastically reducing the investigation time for these complex performance issues.

Let's investigate a modern-day performance issue with Scout and compare the experience to New Relic.

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Monitoring tools for serverless environments and AWS Lambda

Written By Twain Taylor January 8th, 2018

Serverless computing platforms like AWS Lambda represent a new computing paradigm. Over the past decade, we’ve been trying to abstract the application layer from the infrastructure layer. VMs started this by virtualizing hardware servers, and Docker containers extended this by packaging just the application code separate from the host system.

The next step in this process is to completely remove the host from the equation, and simply focus on the application code—which is what serverless computing is all about. But as with most things new, serverless forces you to change how you used to do things, including the way you monitor functions.

Below, I explain how monitoring changes in a serverless environment. I focus on Lambda in particular, although most of these observations apply to any type of modern serverless platform.

Screenshot of serverless environment

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Building the IoT Rollbar error alarm 🚨

Written By Taron Foxworth March 11th, 2017

Our friends at Losant wanted to share how they built an actual 'error-alarm' using the Rollbar and Losant API's. Enjoy!

When I envision a tech company's smart office, I see tons of dashboards and indicator lights that monitor everything. Efficient monitoring is a critical piece of today's technology stack, and there are always ways to improve. Rollbar already does an impeccable job at alerting you when errors are thrown in your application. But, to increase awareness, accountability, and awesomeness in the office, we can connect Rollbar to our smart office. In this tutorial, we are going to build an office error alarm powered by Rollbar and Losant.

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How GorillaStack used Rollbar to level up logging with the Serverless framework

Written By Elliott Spira February 7th, 2017

Our friends at GorillaStack wanted to share how they set up Rollbar with the Serverless framework, and made a handy tool so you can do the same.

Here at GorillaStack, we are big lovers of the Serverless framework. By default, the Serverless framework uses CloudWatch logs to store any system log messages and output from your lambda code. Pretty quickly, we found ourselves needing to escalate log messages such that we could be notified of application errors and act on them more proactively.

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Rollbar integration for the Ionic framework

Written By Cuttlesoft January 6th, 2017

Our friends at Cuttlesoft wanted to share how they use Rollbar to detect errors in Ionic built applications. Enjoy!

At Cuttlesoft, we use Rollbar's excellent full-stack error monitoring service for pinpointing and fixing tricky bugs. Our team loves Rollbar for its integrations with other popular services (we get our error notifications via Slack so we’re constantly in the know). For building hybrid mobile and progressive web apps, we generally rely on Ionic. Ionic is an open-source framework for hybrid mobile app development maintained by Drifty. Built with AngularJS and Cordova, Ionic is a popular tool for mobile developers everywhere. To combine these two, we've developed a method for integrating Rollbar error tracking with the Ionic stack.

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