Brian Rue

Connecting Rollbar with PagerDuty

Using Rollbar with PagerDuty is now a lot more seamless. PagerDuty provides SaaS IT on-call schedule management, alerting, and incident tracking. With our new integration, you can automatically send issues found by Rollbar into incidents in PagerDuty.

We have a few customers using it already. Here’s what Richard Lee, CTO at Polydice, a mobile development studio, has to say:

“With Rollbar’s integration of PagerDuty, we’re able to get notified as soon as errors detected, and avoid possible downtime to our customers. This powerful combination becomes a must have tool for us.” — Richard Lee, CTO at Polydice

Integrating Rollbar with PagerDuty is easy; just create a new Generic API System in PagerDuty, and then link it in Rollbar’s Notification settings. See our docs for detailed instructions.

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