Daily, Hourly, New Errors and Trend graphs are now clickable

Daily, Hourly, New Errors and Trend graphs are now clickable

March 10th, 2015 • By Mike Smith

Yes, that's correct.

Daily, Hourly, New Errors, and Trend graphs are now clickable. You can find and fix errors even faster, and in less clicks. :D

Common usability feedback we get from our users:

Sure would be nice if I could click the dashboard bar graphs and sparklines to quickly see what caused a spike in error events etc.

Couldn't agree more. We love aggregating data and we love it clickable. So we enabled it!

The following are now clickable in the project Dashboard:

  • Hourly Error/Critical Occurrences
  • Daily Error/Critical Occurrences
  • Daily New/Reactivated Items
  • Trends (24 hour and 7 day)

Trends are also clickable on the Items page. For reference Trends are these guys trend 144545 o also called 'sparklines'.

When viewing a specific error item, the Last 60 Minutes, Hours, and Days are now clickable and aggregate error data by your selection.

errors tracked last 60 144546 o

We're excited to get this features out the door. It reduces a lot of friction in navigating Rollbar. One of many UI and UX improvements to come. :)

Login today and go click through your data now.

Deploy and enjoy!

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