Mike Smith

Daily, Hourly, New Errors and Trend graphs are now clickable

Yes, that's correct.

Daily, Hourly, New Errors, and Trend graphs are now clickable. You can find and fix errors even faster, and in less clicks. :D

Common usability feedback we get from our users:

Sure would be nice if I could click the dashboard bar graphs and sparklines to quickly see what caused a spike in error events etc.

Couldn't agree more. We love aggregating data and we love it clickable. So we enabled it!

The following are now clickable in the project Dashboard:

Trends are also clickable on the Items page. For reference Trends are these guys also called 'sparklines'.

When viewing a specific error item, the Last 60 Minutes, Hours, and Days are now clickable and aggregate error data by your selection.

We're excited to get this features out the door. It reduces a lot of friction in navigating Rollbar. One of many UI and UX improvements to come. :)

Login today and go click through your data now.

Don't have a Rollbar account? No worries, you can give our Live Demo a try and 'click all the things'. ;)

Deploy and enjoy!

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