Mike Smith

Better workflows for managing errors

Happy Holidays Rollbar users! 🎁 We're gifting you a handful of updates to a key feature in Rollbar, the Live Error Feed. We recently rolled out some improved fucntionality to the Live Error Feed, most notably the ability to quickly view and assign ownership of errors with your team. Instantly know who's working on what and ensure that urgent production issues don't get overlooked.

rollbar error live feed gif

Here's an overview of how these updates will help you and your team members better manage errors in Rollbar:

Assign individual errors directly within the feed

rollbar error live feed

Multi-select and assign errors

rollbar error live feed

Filter to view all assigned or unassigned errors

rollbar error live feed

Filter by owner

rollbar error live feed

Quickly Resolve and Mute errors

rollbar error live feed

Easily change severity of errors

rollbar error live feed

Improved look and feel

rollbar error live feed

By streamlining the live error feed, we hope that you and your team will save more time in your day-to-day debugging efforts. We appreciate your feedback. Email and let us know if there's anything you think we could do better.

If you haven’t already, signup for a 14-day free trial of Rollbar and let us help you defeat annoying errors in your applications. :-)

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