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Introducing New Members of Our Leadership Team

Introducing New Members of Our Leadership Team

Rollbar's 2020 Growth

2020 has been an eventful year so far at Rollbar! We started the year off closing our Series B round - which has given us the security and resources to grow our business and better serve our mission to help developers build software quickly and painlessly. To achieve these targets, we've brought in new talent to assist with existing and new product development and improve customer experience. In the past four months, we've added 20 new faces to the team at every level and in every department - including engineering, product, sales, customer success, marketing, and people ops. These new teammates bring in a wide range of expertise from industry companies we look up to - like Sauce Labs, Snowflake, Scale, AppDynamics, and Splunk. We're excited about each one of these new hires - and we still have plans to add more team members throughout the year (check out our jobs page here).

As our team as a whole has grown, so has our leadership team - we hired 3 VPs to lead our Product, Sales, and Marketing efforts. We're excited to see them use the experience and knowledge they bring to the table to build out these functions and define new strategies to reach our current goals.

Paul Moriarity - VP of Sales

Paul has joined Rollbar as Vice President of Worldwide Sales. Paul brings experience from the leading SaaS Data Warehouse company - Snowflake where he was an Area Vice President. During his tenure at Snowflake, he was responsible for the fastest growing region of Snowflake where he helped scale and lead a team that increased the region's ARR from $2M to over $50M in less than 3 years. Through this, he has cultivated a deep understanding of our space and how to serve the unique needs of technical customers. As we are growing our sales team throughout the US with sights on new revenue targets, this experience will be invaluable and we're excited to have Paul on the team.

For his part, Paul was excited about the challenge and opportunity we are facing at Rollbar within the current monitoring landscape. “As we enter an application-defined economy, where applications enable a competitive advantage for nearly every business, Rollbar has a tremendous opportunity to be a critical component to ensure faster time to market and reduced development costs," said Paul. "Rollbar is already being used for mission-critical applications by over 4,500 businesses across nearly every industry. With the strong adoption of Rollbar among developers, Rollbar is quickly becoming the error detection standard among enterprises. I am excited to be part of a special company in an emerging market. The sales organization will continue to scale in 2020 and 2021 as we strive to grow our customer and revenue base across all industries and geographies.”

The Rollbar sales team has expanded across the U.S. as Paul has identified and hired in key regions in just a few months. The sales team has hit the ground running with exciting new strategies to develop and refine our sales process and methodology. Scaling an enterprise sales team can be a challenge, but Paul has hired an experienced sales team who is building a culture of accountability and success. With the expanded focus on enterprise accounts, we are excited to see how the team will further enable new and existing customers to build better, more reliable products faster and accelerate their business goals.

Lubos Parobek - VP of Product Management

Lubos comes to Rollbar as Vice President of Product Management, bringing in 20+ years of product management experience, primarily at smaller software startups. Throughout his career, he's had a passion for product strategy and leading teams through rapid growth. Most recently, he was VP of Product at Sauce Labs where he established the product management practice and built out a team of 15 product managers and designers. During his time there, he successfully led the effort to expand Sauce Labs' offering to a suite of products better able to take advantage of growth in the continuous testing market.

At Rollbar, Lubos is excited to be part of a “smart, motivated, and fast-growing team that's building a product that's addressing a critical customer pain point.” Having managed product strategy for other companies before, Lubos is ready to help accelerate Rollbar’s growth by helping us build out a team and strategy. Per Lubos, “Rapid growth can be difficult to manage organizationally. I found that being thoughtful about the right amount of process and structure in each phase of an organization's growth is important.” He sees a lot of potential in terms of how Rollbar can help development teams increase velocity and deploy with confidence - believing our current service is “just the tip of the iceberg”.

In the past few months since coming to Rollbar, Lubos has stepped into the role with optimism and dedication. His calendar is filled with internal team meetings where he guides strategy and roadmap, customer meetings where he provides expertise and gathers feedback, and interviews as we continue to search for talent to bring into the Product team.

Daniel Day - VP of Marketing

Daniel is happy to have recently joined the Rollbar team as the Vice President and Head of Marketing. Previously, Daniel built the account-based marketing and demand generation teams from the ground up in his time at Snowflake, where he worked with Paul, and Scale AI. To implement ABM, Daniel took a data-driven approach to bring intelligence about key accounts in and build an effective bridge between sales and marketing teams to target the right companies and territories effectively. The rapid growth in demand and revenue experienced at both companies speaks to the success of both teams.

In joining Rollbar, Daniel was excited not just about the chance to build a first-rate enterprise marketing team and GTM practice, but also the culture that Rollbar has cultivated. Daniel says the opportunity spoke to his desire to be both a leader and a mentor within our organization. “Getting to know the Rollbar family through the interview process, I’ve come to an understanding of how important it is that we do business in the ‘right way.’ The blameless culture of honesty, integrity, and transparency is clearly deeply ingrained in Rollbar and the community of developers we serve in helping deploy with confidence!”

When selecting someone to lead our Marketing team, Daniel's experience with our market and customers and his previous track record of success were just two of the key factors in bringing him on. Daniel also has a passion for building and mentoring teams that will be a huge asset as we bring in new marketers to help get Rollbar out there. When Daniel is not busy building the marketing discipline at Rollbar, he is nurturing the next generation of demand generation marketers as an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University, developing courses in account-based marketing for the MBA and Masters of Marketing programs. In just two months, the team has hired two new marketers to focus on Demand Generation and Growth, implemented new tools and processes, and launched exciting new features to our users. We're excited to continue to build relationships with the developer community and get Rollbar's mission out there.

Looking forward to the rest of 2020

So far this year has brought a lot of success and excitement to our team, but not without challenges. We have had to adjust the way we work due to a global crisis and are now facing a long period of uncertainty. Rollbar's leadership has faced these unexpected hurdles with transparency and pragmatism. We are continuing to grow, but have adjusted our goals with the shifting economy to be intentional and strategic to ensure we can focus on providing the best product and value to our customers. We are still hiring for key positions and have plans to open more roles in Q3 and Q4. If you are looking to be part of an exciting company and work with industry leaders - come join our team!

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