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Meet the Rollbar Team – Ivan Gomez (Sales)

Meet the Rollbar Team – Ivan Gomez (Sales)

Ivan Gomez is a people person. Since he joined us in May of 2016, Ivan has been an integral part of the team, and loves helping our users get the most value out of Rollbar as possible.


Ivan was born in Ventura, CA, and lived most of his life in Silverdale, WA. He actually went to the same high school as one of Rollbar's cofounders, Brian Rue, although they didn't know each other. After high school, Ivan went to the University of San Francisco and studied Economics. Upon graduation, Ivan worked in Seattle, WA, at Avalara, a tax SaaS company. This got him interested in selling software. Eventually, Ivan ended up in Boston, interviewing for other sales positions, when he saw that Rollbar was hiring.

Ivan joined Rollbar because "we operate in an exciting space that is growing really fast, and we have an opportunity to define how people make software. It’s not overly saturated." He really enjoys educating as part of the sales process, and says it feels better than just transactional sales. Ivan has learned a lot from customer questions about Rollbar, as well as going to developer conferences.

Since Ivan joined Rollbar, he’s taken a coding course in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby, which he has said has been very interesting and helpful.
He’s always been techy, and he also loves talking to people and focusing on the growth side of things. For him, sales at Rollbar is a great cross-section of all of these areas. Ivan says he "gets to talk to smart people every day and help them solve problems. Sales is similar to engineering in that way." He really enjoys communicating with people, and feels that the only way we can help engineers is by adding value for them. In the next few months, Ivan is looking forward to creating new content to help people get more value from Rollbar.

We're very glad Ivan is on the team here at Rollbar!

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