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Meet the Rollbar Team – Megan Anderson (Engineering)

Meet the Rollbar Team – Megan Anderson (Engineering)

Megan Anderson is a software engineer who enjoys helping developers solve technical problems. That's what led her to join Rollbar in May of 2017 as a support engineer, and pushed her into moving into a core engineer role a few months ago.

Rollbar Megan Anderson

One of the rare Bay Area natives, Megan went to UCLA and majored in Physiology. She then worked in a genetics lab doing organ transplant matching research for awhile, handling more human spleens than 99% of people on the planet. She decided to apply for a graduate degree in Physical Therapy, and realized that wasn't the career path for her after all. A friend of hers went to a coding bootcamp and taught Megan to code. She liked coding so much that she decided to go to a programming bootcamp as well, and after eight years in LA, Megan moved back to the Bay.

Megan originally joined Rollbar as a support engineer, drawn to the role because she got to "help developers that have interesting questions and problems with a technical product." Megan found the engineering work here at Rollbar especially engaging. She really enjoys solving and debugging engineering problems, and this lead to her moving into the core software engineer role she is in now.

In the next few months, Megan would like to use her knowledge of how users use the product and her engineering skills to add value to Rollbar for our users. She's looking forward to making it clear and easy to use, not just technically interesting. She's especially looking forward to getting to improve things that frustrate her.

Megan describes the culture here at Rollbar as supportive. "When you have questions, people are happy to answer. People are very intelligent, and they assume that you’ll keep up. People want to help you develop professionally while the company succeeds. Our CEO cares about everyone’s opinions."

We're excited to have Megan on the team here at Rollbar!

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