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Meet the Rollbar Team - Ali Shakiba (Software Engineer)

Ali Shakiba is an invaluable asset to our engineering team. Originally from Ahvaz, Iran, Ali came to America for graduate school and then joined us here at Rollbar last November.

Ali taught himself how to program in high school, learning BASIC to create his own video games. This led to him majoring in Software Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology in Isfahan, Iran. After college, he decided to get his Master's in Computer Science in America. After graduation, Ali came to San Francisco and eventually joined Rollbar.

Ali loves that here at Rollbar he gets to build a tool that helps other developers build things. Prior to joining Rollbar, Ali had been working on some open source developer-focused tools of his own, and he's excited to continue getting to work on helping developers build their products. He decided to join Rollbar because "it is very exciting that we are at center of the developer community and closely connected to them", and because it feels almost like you get to "be a member of all engineering teams that use Rollbar to make better and more reliable products."

In the future, Ali plans to work with engineering, product, and design to extend Rollbar's reporting and analytics functionality in order to provide users deeper and wider insight into the data that they report to Rollbar.

We're delighted to have Ali on the team here at Rollbar!

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