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On the road again, where Rollbar will be this fall

On the road again, where Rollbar will be this fall

Rollbar team members will be at the following events in the next few months, and we'd love to chat with you in person! Whether you have some specific questions about Rollbar, want to tell us about your projects, or just want some Rollbar gear, we'll be hanging out at these events eager to to talk shop. If you see us at any of these places, make sure to say "hi"!

Atlassian Summit

Where: San Jose, California / When: Weds, Oct 12 to Thurs, Oct 13

The Atlassian Summit is all about the various Atlassian products (such as JIRA, Hipchat, or Bitbucket), and has talks from both Atlassians and Atlassian customers about how to use Atlassian tools better and more effectively. We'll be at booth B19 at the Summit, and would love for you to visit us there and chat about our new and improved JIRA, Hipchat, and Bitbucket integrations.

FSTOCO (Full-Stack Toronto)

Where: Toronto, Canada / When: Mon, Oct 17 to Tues, Oct 18

FSTOCO is a full-stack web conference for all web professionals. With two days of talks running the gamut from UX, project management, front end, and back end, there's something for everyone. We're excited to be sponsors of FSTOCO this year, and hope to see you there!

Ruby Rampage Hackathon

Where: virtual, global hackathon! / When: Sat, Oct 22 to Sun, Oct 23

Do you love hackathons and Ruby, and not having to leave your apartment? If so, Ruby Rampage is for you! Compete online over two days to build the best Ruby app with your team, and you could win a prize. We're proud sponsors of Ruby Rampage, and would love to "see" you there.

Thunder Plains

Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / When: Thurs, Nov 3 to Fri, Nov 4

We're sponsoring Thunder Plains, a web and mobile development conference focusing on JavaScript and related technologies. With only 225 tickets, it promises to be an intimate and inspiring event.

RubyConf 2016

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio / When: Thurs, Nov 10 to Sat, Nov 12

RubyConf is the main international annual gathering for the Ruby community. We are sponsoring RubyConf and would love to talk shop with you there.

Node Knockout Hackathon

Where: virtual, global hackathon! / When: Sat, Nov 12 to Sun, Nov 13

If you love online hackathons but aren't a Rubyist, Node Knockout might be right up your alley. Compete online over two days to build the best Node.js app with your team, and win prizes and glory. Hope to see you there!

Node Interactive

Where: Austin, Texas / When: Mon, Nov 28 to Wed, Nov 30

Node Interactive is the conference for all things Node.js! With talks ranging from front end, to back end, to the Internet of Things, Node Interactive has something for every Node developer. We're sponsoring Node Interactive this year and can't wait to chat with you there.

AWS re:Invent

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada / When: Mon, Nov 28 to Fri, Dec 2

AWS re:Invent is the largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community. Rollbar will be participating along side of Atlassian and other Atlassian ecosystem partners in booth 2446.

Schedule an in-person meeting

We’re making [office hours]('d like to meet at [add event you are attending here]") available during these events. Schedule some time with us to sit down with a Rollbar expert to show you how you can level-up your app monitoring and error handling. Visit us at our booth or email []('d like to meet at [add event you are attending here]) to get something scheduled.

If you haven’t already, signup for a 14-day free trial of Rollbar and let us help you defeat annoying errors in your applications. 🙂

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