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Welcoming Atsuko Nishiguchi

Welcoming Atsuko Nishiguchi

Atsuko Nishiguchi joined Rollbar’s team as the Director of Product Design in March 2019. Relocating all the way from Australia, Atsuko has brought many fresh ideas and an effervescent presence to Rollbar’s San Francisco office.

Atsuko has a long history of working in web and product development. She taught herself how to code at 14 and after getting tired of seeing “painfully designed websites” started teaching herself about HCI, eventually transitioning into what is now known as UX design. She started by creating individual projects, and her work landed her first job at a tech company doing web development and design at age 17. Since then, she got a degree in Animation and Interactive Media, had a series of UX and design jobs, and continued to learn and build her skills. Oh, and somewhere in there she took two years off to be a flight attendant and travel the world.

Now, Atsuko leads the design team at Rollbar and works with an empathetic, user focused lens on our product. She mentioned one of the challenges of UX design is to get comfortable being wrong - you have to be impartial to your own preconceptions and let others lead you. This is in line with why Atsuko was drawn to Rollbar - because of the inclusive and supportive culture, which she states is evidenced by an environment that downplays ego and encourages collaboration and respect for the opinions of others. She is excited to continue learning, both from Rollbar teammates and users, and refining ideas to ensure they are executed to their best potential.

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