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Welcoming Colin Flynn

Welcoming Colin Flynn

Colin joined Rollbar in April as an Enterprise Account Executive. Since then he has been working with our enterprise customers to help them get the most out of Rollbar for their teams.

Colin says that he “fell into sales” by accident. His first sales job was an internship in college where he went door to door to bring on clients for a house painting company. Eventually he ended up managing and recruiting other salesmen for the program. After college, Colin continued working in sales for Fisher Investments and Valent Health, where he did both inside and outside sales and learned a lot. Colin enjoys what he does because he likes speaking and interacting with people. He sees himself as acting as a consultant to determine how products can help businesses achieve their goals, rather than just selling for the sake of selling.

This mindset is what Colin has brought to many of our customers. Rollbar is continuing to grow in the enterprise market and Colin is excited at the opportunity to educate customers on how they can use our product to develop software more quickly and with less pain points. It’s important for Colin to sell a product he believes in and we’re glad to have him as part of our team to help us in that mission.

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