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Welcoming Jessica Hsieh

Welcoming Jessica Hsieh

Our team at Rollbar has been growing over the past few months and we’d like to introduce you to some of our new hires - starting with Jessica Hseih. Jessica joined Rollbar as a Customer Success Engineer. She is a recent graduate of UC Davis where she studied Computer Science and Technocultural Studies.

Jessica is Bay Area native and returned to San Francisco because she was looking for an opportunity where she could grow both professionally and personally. Though she didn’t originally see herself ending up in San Francisco, she dove right into the SF startup world for her first “big girl” job and was excited to find a welcoming and collaborative culture at Rollbar. One of the things Jessica loves most about working at Rollbar is the emphasis on mentorship and helping junior team members develop. For her, “the idea that your value lies not only in your own accomplishments, but also in helping other engineers realize their goals more effectively is conducive of a growth mindset and ties into Rollbar’s founding philosophy as an error tracking, SaaS company—to lay the groundwork to help other developers succeed.”

As part of the support team, Jessica has lived these values for both our internal teams and external customers. She’s enjoyed learning from her more senior teammates but is also happy to pass on advice to newer employees on everything from customer questions to how to use our coffee makers - even though she feels like she’s still getting the hang of things around here too. She’s driven to help our customers succeed as well, and in the coming months hopes to continue to build on Customer Success processes by establishing a comprehensive set of tools and optimized workflow to troubleshoot the varied issues and pain points that our customers face more effectively.

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