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Welcoming Mani Askari

Welcoming Mani Askari

Rollbar welcomed Mani Askari to the team as a Senior Software Engineer in April this year. Mani has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science from Brown and has worked in the technology industry building software for several years. Since joining, Mani has emerged as a leader and a mentor for our growing engineering team.

Mani had originally wanted to get into finance but was drawn to CS because he likes both problem solving and building things on his own. He started his career with an internship in DevOps but as he learned he gained interest in distributed systems. Mani now works on helping the team build and improve the core experiences our software provides. Mani is excited to improve the customer’s experience and ability to track bugs from point A to Z through improving performance and usability in the app.

Mani was first drawn to Rollbar because of our mission statement - to help developers build software quickly and painlessly. Having worked at other companies and having to deal with inconsistencies in the code, he came to the conclusion that this was an issue that needed a solution and that he wanted to help find that solution. He was also drawn in by the culture he saw at the company. Like other employees, he sees the culture as family-like. From a working perspective, he enjoys the creative and fast-paced environment we have in our teams and enjoys the increased ability to contribute more, make decisions, and ship code faster that is unique to smaller companies.

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