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Welcoming Mehak Garg

Welcoming Mehak Garg

Mehak joined our Sales & Marketing department as a Senior Product Marketing Manager in April 2019. As our only Product Marketing employee she has taken the lead on helping our team launch new products/features and helping our users get excited about them.

Ending up in the tech industry made sense to Mehak because she comes from a technical background with a degree in EE, though she has also earned her MBA and has a career background in consulting. When studying for her business degree she enjoyed marketing and was specifically drawn to product marketing because of the unique blend of problem solving and storytelling. At Rollbar, Mehak is excited to use her unique skills and knowledge to gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs and pain points and to drive customer acquisition and product adoption so that our users can realize the full value Rollbar’s product provides.

Mehak enjoys working at Rollbar because of the friendly, easygoing culture. Though being a one person department is a common experience at startups, it’s also a challenging one. Mehak has been grateful for the opportunity to work outside of her comfort zone in this role but is also grateful for the support she has received from other team members in helping her learn, grow, and do her best work for Rollbar and our users.

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