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Welcoming Michael Mukhin

Welcoming Michael Mukhin

Michael joined Rollbar as a Senior Product Manager in April 2019. Like many PMs, Michael has a background as a software engineer but enjoys working on the product side because it involves understanding user needs and designing the product to suit them. Michael works cross functionally with multiple teams to ensure we are achieving these goals.

Michael was excited to come to Rollbar because he had a good amount of experience working with the app, and as a user he already had improvements in mind. So far, he has been focused on getting research going on a consistent basis, which has been going well and given some great insights on what product features we can focus on. One thing he is excited to work on is improving root cause analysis for our users, because it affects many people and as of now there’s no perfect solution.

Another thing Michael has enjoyed about working for Rollbar is the friendly environment within the team. Product Manager roles are unique in that they work with pretty much everyone, and Michael has found it easy to build these relationships both in the office and after work, when he and other Rollbar employees often hit the climbing gym together to go rock climbing. We’re excited to see the new heights Michael is able to take Rollbar to!

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