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Welcoming Patrick Smyth

Welcoming Patrick Smyth

Welcome to Patrick Smyth, who joined our team in April as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer. Coming from a background in DevOps and infrastructure engineering, Patrick has brought some much needed support to our tech ops team.

Patrick was initially interested in working at Rollbar because, given his experience in DevOps and engineering, he was able to see the utility of the product. Rollbar is the third startup Patrick has worked at and he is excited to be a part of a company that has a lot of growth potential. He’s enjoyed working at startups because they allow you to take a lot of ownership for what you are working on, give you the ability to work with lots of technology, and let you to move faster, without getting held up by international roadblocks that larger companies often experience.

For his part, Patrick is excited to help develop our internal processes as we scale so that hopefully we don’t experience such roadblocks down the line. He acknowledges that there is pressure, given that our team is building a service that is relied upon by numerous companies, but enjoys working on challenging problems (even if it means being on call). Patrick is thankful for the casual yet highly supportive culture at Rollbar that has allowed him to share and implement his ideas, and we are excited to see how these ideas shape Rollbar’s development going forward.

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