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Welcoming Vijay Selveraj

Welcoming Vijay Selveraj

Vijay Selveraj joined the team as a Growth Engineer in February 2019. In this role, Vijay works with our product, engineering, and sales/marketing teams - which covers almost everyone at Rollbar - to identify goals and drive growth.

Vijay comes from a CS background and has a lot of prior experience working both in management consulting and at tech startups, even previously leading his own startup. Vijay brings a lot of enthusiasm to his role and is excited to help Rollbar reach its full potential. Though he has many ideas he’s looking forward to implementing, one way he envisions doing this is adding strong user value. As leader of the growth squad he has been proactive about getting everyone at Rollbar involved in driving these initiatives - even promising to treat anyone who comes up with a qualifying idea to improve our growth metrics to a beer.

Another thing that drew Vijay to Rollbar was the solid engineering team already in place. Vijay describes the Rollbar environment as having a sense of quiet focus with an emphasis on effectiveness. Building a product for developers, not surprisingly, requires a lot of experienced developers - and Vijay is happy to be working alongside a strong team. We're also very happy to have Vijay on board!

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