These calls require a project-level access token, which should be provided in the query string. The prefix for all URLs is

Record (create) a deploy

POST /api/1/deploy/

Requires post_server_item scope.

Form Data Parameters

Name Type Description
access_token string Required. A post_server_item-scope project access token.
environment string Required. Name of the environment being deployed. (String up to 255 chars)
revision string Required. String identifying the revision being deployed, such as a Git SHA. (String up to 255 chars). This param can also be provided under the name head_long.
rollbar_username string Rollbar username of the user who deployed.
local_username string Username (on your system) who deployed. (String up to 255 chars)
comment string Additional text data to record with this deploy. (String up to 64kb)


See our example integrations for tracking deploys from Bash, Capistrano, Engine Yard, Fabric, Heroku, and MSBuild.

Record a deploy of the "production" environment, revision "aaaafff", rollbar user "brianr", with comment "just a test":

curl '' -F access_token=abcdef1234 -F environment=production -F revision=aaaafff -F rollbar_username=brianr -F comment="just a test"

Get a deploy by ID

GET /api/1/deploy/:id

Requires read scope.

:id must be an ID for a deploy in the project. These IDs are returned as the id field in other API calls, and can be found in the Rollbar UI on URLs like "" (12345 is the Deploy ID).

List all deploys

Returns all deploys in the project, most recent first, in pages of 20.

GET /api/1/deploys/

Requires read scope.

Query String Parameters

Name Type Description
access_token string Required. A read-scope project access token.
page integer Page number, starting from 1. 20 deploys are returned per page.


Get the 20 most recent deploys:

curl ''

Get the 21st through 40th most recent deploys:

curl ''

Last updated: August 27, 2017