These calls require an account-level access token, which should be provided in the query string. The prefix for all URLs is

Get an invite

GET /api/1/invite/:id

Requires read scope.

List invites for a team

Returns all invites ever sent for the team–pending, accepted, rejected, and canceled.

GET /api/1/team/:id/invites

Requires read scope.

Returns up to 5000 results. Add &page=2 to the URL to go to the next page.

Invite a user to a team

Invites a user to the specific team, using the user's email address.

If the email address belongs to an existing Rollbar user, they will be immediately added to the team, and sent an email notification. Otherwise, an invite email will be sent, containing a signup link that will allow the recipient to join the specified team.

POST /api/1/team/:id/invites

Requires write scope.


Name Type Description
email string Required. Email address to invite.

Params must be supplied as JSON, and as the body of the request. Be sure to set the header Content-Type: application/json.

Cancel an invite

Cancels an invite, making it no longer valid to accept. If it has already been accepted, use DELETE /team/:team_id/user/:user_id instead.

DELETE /api/1/invite/:id

Requires write scope.

Last updated: August 27, 2017