Connecting Rollbar to Datadog

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Improve your monitoring and connect Rollbar to Datadog. Rollbar users can syndicate exceptions, errors and code deployments as 'Events' in Datadog. Installation instructions below.


Configuration is per-project in Rollbar.

  1. On Datadog, head to the APIs page to get your API Key (copy to your clipboard): Integrations → APIs.

  2. In Rollbar, go to the Notification settings page for a project: Dashboard → Settings → Notifications → Datadog.

  3. Add your Datadog API key.

  4. Click Enable Datadog Integration

Congrats! Datadog is now integrated with Rollbar. Once integrated, the default notification 'Rules' will be activated and sent to your Datadog account.

Tip: Click Edit to customize notification 'Rules' settings and formatting.