Connect Rollbar to Flowdock

Rollbar can send messages about exceptions or deploys to your flow in Flowdock.

In Flowdock

  1. Visit the API Tokens page in Flowdock, and note the token for the flow where you want to receive Rollbar notifications.


In Rollbar

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard of the project you want to integrate with Flowdock

  2. Click Settings


  3. Click Notifications

  4. Click Flowdock


  5. Copy-paste the API Token from Flowdock into the box in Rollbar.


  6. Press Enable Flowdock Integration.

  7. Congrats! You have now integrated Rollbar with your Flowdock account. Events from Rollbar will automatically be pushed into your flow. If you want, you can customize the default rules by editing, adding, or deleting them.


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