Notification Types

Rollbar supports many different messaging and incident management tools where your team can get notified about errors and important events. Notifications can be customized using variables and triggered in specific conditions using filters.

This page describes the types of notifications you can configure across all available channels.

Notification Type Triggered when…
New Item An error/ message is seen for the first time.
Every Occurrence Every time an error/ message occurs (use wisely!).
10^th Occurrence 10th, 100th, 1,000th, 10,000th, … occurrence
High Occurrence Rate {x} occurrences seen in {y} minutes (configurable).
Item Resolved An error/message is marked Resolved.
Item Reopened An error/message is marked Active by a user.
Item Reactivated An error/message occurs again after being marked Resolved.
Deploy A new deploy is reported.
Daily Summary (Available in email only) Summary of daily error/message activity in a project

Customizing Notifications

Rollbar gives you a great deal of control over when notifications are triggered and how they appear.

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