Rollbar notifier for Flash (AS3)

Flash (ActionScript 3) library for reporting exceptions, errors, and log messages to Rollbar.

Quick start

  1. Download the flash_rollbar code or just the Rollbar.swc file.
  2. Place the flash_rollbar/src directory in your source path or place the Rollbar.swc file in your project's library path.
  3. Call Rollbar.init(this, accessToken, environment); from your top-level DisplayObject.
package {
  import com.rollbar.notifier.Rollbar;

  public class MyApp extends Sprite {


    public function MyApp() {
      var environment:String = isDebug() ? "development" : "production";
      var person:Object = {id: getUserId(), email: getEmail(), name: getName()};  // optional
      Rollbar.init(this, ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN, environment, person);

Rollbar.init() installed a global error handler, so you don't need to do anything else.

Be sure to replace POST_CLIENT_ITEM_ACCESS_TOKEN with your project's post_client_item access token, which you can find in the interface.


  • Flash Player 10.1+

    • May work on 9, but not tested.
  • mxmlc/compc if you plan on building from the command-line
  • A Rollbar account

Reporting caught errors

If you want to instrument specific parts of your code, call Rollbar.handleError(err):

private function onEnterFrame(event:Event) {
    try {
    } catch (err:Error) {

Advanced: to override parts of the payload before it is sent to the Rollbar API, pass them in the second argument to handleError(). For example, to control how your data will be grouped, you can pass a custom fingerprint:

Rollbar.handleError(err, {fingerprint: "a string to uniquely identify this error"});

The second argument, extraData, should be an object. Each key in extraData will overwrite the previous contents of the payload. For all options, see the API documentation.


At the topmost level of your display list, instantiate the Rollbar singleton.

Rollbar.init(this, accessToken, environment);

Here's the full list of constructor parameters (in order):

The parent display object container; should usually be ```this```. The notifier will report all errors for SWFs that are loaded with ```parent.loaderInfo```.
Access token from your Rollbar project
Environment name. Any string up to 255 chars is OK. For best results, use ```"production"``` for your production environment.

Default: "production"

Optional but can be one of:
  • A string identifier for the current person/user.
  • An object describing the current person/user, containing

    • Required - id, userId, user_id, user
    • Optional - email, userEmail, useremail, emailAddress, emailaddress
    • Optional - username, userName, user_name, name
  • A function returning an object like the one described above
If you compiled the SWC/SWF using the debug or verbose stack trace flags, you'll want this to be the absolute path to the root of your Actionscript source code, not including the final ```/```.

Otherwise, set this to the source path relative to your repository's root. e.g. if your source tree looks like this:


Set this to "src"

Name of the branch used to compile your Flash movie.

Default: "master"

An Object containing any data you would like to pass along with this item to store.
The maximum number of items to send to Rollbar for the lifetime of the notifier instance. This is useful for rate-limiting the number of items sent to Rollbar.
URL items are posted to.

Default: ""