In order to complete the instructions in this document, you must be an administrator in your Okta account and an owner in your Rollbar account.

Okta can be used for both SAML-based authentication and SCIM-based team and user provisioning in Rollbar.

Step 1: Add Rollbar as an application in Okta

In Okta:

  • Go to Admin > Applications.
  • Click on Add Application.

  • Search for Rollbar and click Add.

  • In the General Settings screen, enter Rollbar as the application label, your Rollbar account name (found at https://rollbar.com/{accountname}), and then click Next.

  • In the Sign-On Options screen, select SAML 2.0 as the Sign-On Method, set Application username format to Email, click Identity Provider Metadata to download your SAML metadata, then click Done.

In Rollbar:

  • Go to {account name} Settings > Identity Providers

  • Select Okta as your identity provider, paste your XML metadata, and click Save

  • Optionally, you may require all Rollbar users to authenticate via Okta to access your account.

In Okta:

  • Assign groups and users to the Rollbar application.

After following these steps, Okta users with an existing Rollbar user may log in via Okta. To enable provisioning of Rollbar users and teams from Okta, follow the instructions in the next session

Step 2: Enable provisioning of Rollbar teams and users

In Rollbar:

  • Go to {account name} Settings > Identity Providers.

  • In the Provisioning Options section, copy the access token, select Enable user and team provisioning and click Save.

In Okta:

  • Go to Admin >Applications and select Rollbar.
  • Click on the Provisioning tab then click Configure API Integration.

  • Select Enable API Integration, paste your access token into the API Token field, click Test API Credentials, and then click Save.

  • In the Provisioning settings, click on To App, then click Edit, enable all the options, and click Save.

  • Go to the Push Groups tab, Click on the Push Groups button, and select ** Add select Find Groups by Name. Add each of the groups that you'd like to add as teams to your Rollbar account, choosing to push group membership immediately and create the team.

Once your Push group has been added, it will automatically appear as a team in Rollbar, where it can be assigned to projects. Membership in the team is controlled entirely via your Okta groups.

Push groups are managed via the Push Groups tab in Okta. To remove a group from Rollbar, select Unlink push group, and then Delete the group in the target app.