Integrations Configuration

Certain third-party integrations require your own credentials from the third-party service. You can configure these credentials in mox.ini.

Google OAuth

Create an OAuth app in your Google account, then note its Client ID and Client Secret. Set these as google.client_id and google.client_secret in mox.ini.


Create a GitHub OAuth App in your organization's GitHub account. Set the following configuration settings in GitHub:

  • Application name: rollbar-{yourcompany}
  • Homepage URL: the URL to your Rollbar instance, e.g.
  • Authorization callback URL: the URL to your Rollbar instance, including a trailing slash, e.g.

Note the Client ID and Client Secret.

In your mox.ini, set the following:

  • github.client_id: the Client ID
  • github.secret: the Client Secret
  • github.app_ident: your application name (if this config entry is not present in your mox.ini, simply add it after github.secret)