Configuration Requirements for Rollbar On-Premises


The single-host install should work well with the following specs. This is the equivalent an AWS EC2 m4.xlarge instance.

  • 4+ core
  • 16GB RAM
  • 100+GB disk

Operating System and Packages

Currently we've only verified our on-premises product to work on the following, though we're working on adding more Linux operating system distributions and versions. Due to the fact that we're running on Docker, this will never run natively on Windows or Mac hosts. You'll have to setup some sort of virtual machine(s) in those instances.

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Docker v1.9.1+

    • Tested with Docker 1.9.1, 1.10.1
  • Docker Compose 1.6.1


In some of the environments we've encountered, the built-in SMTP server has problems sending mail. Generally this is from things like bad IP address reputation or lack of good SPF and DKIM setups. Needless to say, you'll almost certainly want to run your own SMTP server, or hook in to a service like Mailgun or Amazon SES.

Network Configuration

We assume that you will at least have a publicly facing network and a private network for the docker host or hosts. The following ports need to be open, both on the public and private networks:

  • outbound ports: 25 (smtp), 80 (http) && 443 (https)
  • inbound ports: 80 (http) && 443 (https)

Our code is configured to send outbound email over smtp using port 25. You will almost certainly need to open this port for outbound traffic. The only instance where this might not be true is if you are using your own smtp server that's available on the same private network that your self-hosted Rollbar instance is running on.

If you're running some of the base services yourself instead of using the Rollbar supplied docker instances, you'll need to make sure all the necessary ports are open on your private network to talk to these services:

  • mysql - 3306
  • memcached - 11211
  • redis - 6379
  • beanstalk - 11300
  • sphinx - 9306

(You won't want to expose these ports publicly unless you are VERY sure that you've got all your security ducks in a row [and you almost certainly don't]. We expect each service to be running on its default port; we give you a way to specify IP addresses for these services, but not ports.)

If you're running Rollbar on multiple hosts, you'll need to make sure the following ports are open on your private network for the services on each host to talk to each other. Do NOT open these ports on your public network because we did not design these services to be publicly facing and there isn't any encryption or authentication between them, which is very dangerous on the open internet.

  • react renderer - 8081
  • mox rts - 8082
  • search api - 8083
  • haproxy stats url - 8999