Note: The upgrade process currently requires stopping all Rollbar services before performing the upgrade. During this time, errors will not be captured. We will provide a zero-downtime upgrade process in a future release.

  1. Download the new On-Premises distribution .tar.gz file

  2. Uncompress and unarchive (file and directory names will change with the release version)

    tar -xzvf rollbar-enterprise_0.8.4.tar.gz
    cd rollbar-enterprise_0.8.4
  3. Stop all Rollbar services

    If Rollbar is running on multiple hosts, perform this step on each host

  4. Install the new version

  5. Configure using your previous settings

    5a. Copy your old .settings file into the current directory

    cp /path/to/old/version/.settings .

    5b. Run configure

    ./ -f .settings --save
  6. Start/upgrade to the new version

    ./ --run-migrations
  7. Initialize ElasticSearch

    We've changed from using Sphinx as our search engine to ElasticSearch. As a result of this, you'll need to initialize ElasticSearch before search will work in your application.

    ./ --es-init --es-index


Q. Why am I seeing sudo: unable to resolve host ... when I run

See the answer here.

Upgrading from a version built before 2/16/2016

There are a couple of extra steps that are required in order to upgrade from a version build before 2/16/2016.

  • The configure step will require some extra information for external services and the hostname

    If you are using any external services, (e.g. your own MySQL, Redis, Memcache, Beanstalk, Postfix server) you will need to provide these IPs to the configure script.

    Also, you will need to specify the hostname for the Rollbar server. See the --name parameter.

    See -h for more information on which parameters to use.

  • Data directories will need to be moved into the new location

    Previous versions save data in /data/* but the newer version stores data in /opt/rollbar. In order to upgrade from one of these versions, you will need to rename the /data/* directories to /opt/rollbar/* before running


    mkdir -p /opt/rollbar
    mv /data/* /opt/rollbar/

If you run into any trouble, please contact and we will get you set up quickly.