To send errors to Rollbar from your Python application you should use the pyrollbar package. Install pyrollbar with pip:

pip install rollbar

Add Rollbar to Your Bottle Application

Here's a simple Bottle application that demonstrates how you import and initialize pyrollbar and register it as an error handler.

import bottle
from rollbar.contrib.bottle import RollbarBottleReporter

rbr = RollbarBottleReporter(access_token='{{ server_access_token }}', environment='production') #setup rollbar

bottle.install(rbr) #install globally

def raise_error():
  When navigating to /, we'll get a regular 500 page from bottle, 
  as well as have the error below listed on Rollbar.
  raise Exception('Hello, Rollbar!')

if __name__ == '__main__':'localhost', port=8080)

For additional pyrollbar configuration options, see Configuring pyrollbar.