Rollbar's Go SDK is currently a alpha release. For details, please see the Readme.
To report issues, make suggestions, or ask questions, please create an issue in Github.


To send errors to Rollbar from your Go application, you should use our rollbar-go SDK.

You'll need your project's server-side access token to initialize the Go SDK. Sending a message or an error to the Rollbar server is as simple as:

package main

import (

func main() {
  rollbar.SetToken("{{ server_access_token }}")
  rollbar.SetEnvironment("production")                 // defaults to "development"
  rollbar.SetCodeVersion("v2")                         // optional Git hash/branch/tag (required for GitHub integration)
  rollbar.SetServerHost("web.1")                       // optional override; defaults to hostname
  rollbar.SetServerRoot("") // path of project (required for GitHub integration and non-project stacktrace collapsing)

  result, err := DoSomething()
  if err != nil {

  rollbar.Info("Message body goes here")


A few seconds after you execute this code, the item should appear on your project's "Items" page.