To send errors to Rollbar from your Python application you should use the pyrollbar SDK. Install pyrollbar with pip:

pip install rollbar

Send a Message

You'll need your project's server-side access token to initialize the pyrollbar SDK. Sending a message to the Rollbar server is as simple as:

import rollbar

rollbar.init('{{ server_access_token }}')
rollbar.report_message('Rollbar is configured correctly')

A few seconds after you execute this code, the message should appear on your project's "Items" page.

Report an Error

To report errors to the Rollbar server, you'll need to call a method of rollbar in your exception handling code.

import rollbar

rollbar.init('{{ server_access_token }}')

    b = a + 1

A few seconds after you execute this code, an exception should appear on your project's "Items" page. This item will include the basic exception information and a stack trace, along with the values of local variables and the arguments passed to each function at each frame in the stack trace.

Add Rollbar to Your Python Application

Once you've verified that the Rollbar SDK is configured correctly and can communicate with the Rollbar server, you'll want to add the SDK to your existing applications. For additional configuration options and instructions for using Rollbar with specific web frameworks, see: