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Rollbar Error Monitoring Solution Showcased at Dreamforce '19

Thanks for joining our VP of Engineering, Francesco Crippa, for his theater session on Building self healing Apex apps through feature flags and error monitoring. We hope you found it useful!

Thursday, Nov. 21

1:30pm PT

Moscone West,

Architect Theatre

Building self healing Apex apps through feature flags and Error Monitoring

Do you have an on-call schedule, constant reorganizations, fast turnover, impossible deadlines, new platform and new frameworks to manage every day? Building modern platforms is becoming progressively unsustainable for the new generations of engineers. In these challenging scenarios, a new hope is coming from a more manageable and sustainable approach offered by systems able to operate autonomously without human supervision.

Cloud computing, standardized APIs, common practices and shared tools are opening the door to the possibility of building self healing systems: programs that can react quickly and automatically to the load increase, recover from unexpected errors even before users notice them, and run rollbacks and migrations without any human interactions. While all of this is technically possible, specific practices and strong discipline are needed to build such systems. Join this session to learn how to define a new engineering culture to make the dream of self healing Apex apps a reality.

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Salesforce is Bringing the Power of Error Monitoring Capabilities to its Apex Developers


Attend a free demo on Error Monitoring for Apex

Join us for a demo webinar on the new error monitoring & debugging solution for the Salesforce Apex platform.

Wednesday, December 11

10am PT / 1pm ET

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Apex Error Monitoring Blog

Salesforce Apex platform is Bringing the Power of Error Monitoring Capabilities.

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Learn more about Rollbar for Salesforce Apex

Salesforce developers are now able to monitor the Apex applications they’ve created to extend the functionality of Salesforce. Instantly know when errors occur and how to fix them.

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