Use Curl to send an HTTP POST:

REVISION=git rev-parse --verify HEAD

  -F access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN 
  -F environment=$ENVIRONMENT 
  -F revision=$REVISION 
  -F local_username=$LOCAL_USERNAME

Place this command in your deploy script so that it runs once the deploy has completed successfully.

If the POST is successful, you will receive a JSON response like:
{"data": {}}

If using a version control system other than Git, change the revision= line as appropriate to set the revision ID.

Parameter Reference
● access_token - Your project access token (required).
● environment - Name of the environment being deployed, e.g. "production" (required).
● revision - Revision number/sha being deployed. If using git, use the full sha (required).
● local_username - User who deployed (optional).
● rollbar_username - Rollbar username of the user who deployed (optional).
● comment - Deploy comment (e.g. what is being deployed) (optional).

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