See real-time feed

If you rely on one-minute snapshots and error rate charts to watch for problems, you may miss important signals.

In a single minute, a critical error affecting key customers can occur at a low initial frequency, making it difficult to detect yet potentially costly.

With Rollbar, you get a real-time feed of all errors - including unhandled exceptions - so you are aware of them as they happen.

Get instant alerts

Rollbar alerts are instant and work with tools you are already using, including Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps, and more.

When you get a Rollbar alert, you'll know exactly what error occurs, where, how many times, and who is affected. Because alerts should be actionable.

Rollbar provides fine-grained notification controls, so you can configure the alerts just the way you want it.

Reduce noise automatically

To reduce noise, Rollbar uses a proprietary fingerprinting technology that automatically groups similar errors together.

You can customize the grouping rules to meet your needs or even manually mass merge errors, making it easy to keep your real-time feed and alerts relevant.

Use severity levels and domain whitelists to further improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

Software engineers make mistakes and code isn’t perfect. Plus, we integrate with third-party systems, so anything can go wrong in the stack. Having Rollbar there gave us this immediate ability to troubleshoot things.

Mike O`NeilTechnical Lead