Quickly analyze impact

Rollbar collects and presents all the data you need to swiftly decide how to triage an error:

How many customers are experiencing this error, and which ones? Is it only affecting certain platforms or browsers? Which deploy could possibly have caused it? And more.

With Rollbar, you can tell if a similar error has been previously resolved, or if a solution is already found and published elsewhere.

Proactively assign errors

Not all errors are equal. While some need an immediate action, others can be resolved later, or simply be monitored in case of regression.

Assign errors to owners directly from within Rollbar, and they will be notified instantly.

Or set up automated issue tracking to automatically log errors as tickets in tools like Jira. When the error is resolved in Rollbar, the ticket gets resolved too.

Plays well with your toolchain

You can send Rollbar data to tools like Datadog and monitor errors alongside metrics on a single pane of glass.

Conversely, you can send events from sources like Logstash logs into your Rollbar feed.

You may detect an issue in your app by monitoring New Relic, but are missing the data to understand why it occurs or resolve it. You can go to Rollbar to get that data and debug it quickly.