Discover, predict, and resolve errors in real-time

Find and Fix Errors in Your Code Faster

Discover in real-time

Go beyond crash reporting, error tracking, logging and error monitoring. Get instant and accurate alerts — plus a real-time feed — of all errors, including unhandled exceptions. Our automation-grade grouping uses machine learning to reduce noise and gives you error signals you can trust.

A better way to discover errors
Get instant and accurate error logging alerts

Prioritize effectively

Instantly see the impact of crashes and errors with metadata — like which customers are impacted and the affected browsers and IPs — to know which ones you need to respond to first. Automatically assign to the right person or team.

Prioritize and fix errors fast
Track and prioritize errors effectively

Resolve right away

Eliminate bugs in record time by identifying the root cause through stack traces, local variables, telemetry, suspect deploys, and other metadata. See all the information you need in one, simple view.

Fix errors the right way, right away
Log and resolve errors right away

Automate error response

Take immediate action on new and reactivated errors before they impact users with our AI-assisted workflows. And create custom API or webhook-based workflows using our powerful rule engine.

Automate error response and resolution
Automate error response using our powerful rule engine

Improve code quality

Designed to provide information through easily digestible metrics and historical trends to allow teams to understand their code and take action to improve their practices.

Reduce errors and improve code quality