Upload an iOS .dSYM file

POST /api/1/dsym

This is usually done via the upload_dsym.py script. For more information on this, see the "Symbolication using .dSYM files" section of our rollbar-ios docs.

Form Data Parameters

Name Type Description
access_token string Required A post_server_item-scope project access token.
bundle_identifier string Required The current code version.
dsym file upload Required Your zipped dSYM file. See here for more info.


curl -X POST "https://api.rollbar.com/api/1/dsym"
	-F version=0.1.2 \
	-F bundle_identifier="com.apple.xcode.dsym.org.rollbar.DelightfulApp" \
	-F dsym=@dsym.zip

Note: For version, you should use the "Bundle version" from your plist which corresponds to the Build Number. This is not the Version Number which is found under the key "Bundle versions string, short" in your plist. See this technical note for more information. We use this to match up the dSYM with the same version of the code that caused the stack trace.

Last updated: August 27, 2017