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“Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it, we would be flying blind.”

Arnaud FerreriEngineering Team Lead, Instacart

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“It would be a challenge to release code as often as we do, with as many new features and changes as we’re pushing, if we didn't have Rollbar.”

Mike O'Neil

Software Engineering

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“As an agile team that handles sensitive data, we not only need an error monitoring tool that fits into our continuous deployment and development process, but also protect such data while meeting HIPAA compliance.”

Warren Habib

CTO of Everplans

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“Rollbar is our early warning system for errors. The worst thing that can happen is a customer writes in to the support team to say something is broken. Rollbar allows us to be ahead of our customers and to fix issues before they ever know something is wrong.”

Tyler WellsDirector of Engineering

“Rollbar lets us be proactive and fix impactful issues that could be a disaster for us in terms of how people perceive us and the quality of our product.”

Andrew Childs

Clubhouse Co-founder/CTO

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“There are so many emotional pains developers and operators have from all kinds of hideous errors they have shipped. What if you could make that go away? That’s what Rollbar does.”

Rob ZuberCTO of CircleCI

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“At 2 AM, when I get a notification from Rollbar, I am grateful to have this much visibility into our app so we can quickly address the issue before it impacts customers.”

Ian ChanDirector of Engineering at Branch

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“When you move fast and release constantly, you need to be sure you’re not introducing any issues to deal with later. I can't imagine we’d be able to handle the day-to-day management of errors in a release without a tool like Rollbar.”

Josh BazemoreQA and Operations Lead, Greenhouse

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