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All the basic features that help you discover, predict, and remediate errors

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  • 25,000 error events monthly
  • Real-time feed and alerts
  • Intelligent error grouping
  • Stack traces, telemetry, & more
  • Deploy and version tracking
  • Rollbar Query Language
  • Data retention - 30 days
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for 50K event volume

Everything you need to find and fix production errors without relying on user reports and logs

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Everything in Free plus:
  • On-demand Events
  • Data retention - Custom up to 90 days
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For teams who deploy apps and microservices in a Continuous Delivery workflow

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Everything in Essentials plus:
  • Enhanced account dashboard
  • Multi-project feed
  • Data retention - Custom up to 180 days

For organizations with enterprise requirements

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Everything in Advanced plus:
  • SCIM provisioning
  • Priority support and SLAs
  • Custom event volume
  • Purchase via AWS Marketplace (optional)

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Platform and data access

SDKs for server, client, & mobile ?
Open source, lightweight, and agentless SDKs for all major languages and frameworks.
Unlimited projects ?
A project in Rollbar is typically a single deployable app or microservice, or a single code repository.
Unlimited users ?
Everyone in your team should have access to Rollbar.
Maximum data retention ?
We don't sample your data. Your full error data is securely stored with us.
30 days 90 days 180 days Custom
Customizable data retention ?
Set a custom retention period for your Rollbar data to any length between 7 to 180 days.
Included event volume ?
The number of error events included each month.
25,000 / month 50K - 4M / month 100K - 10M / month Custom
On-demand events ?
On a paid plan, continue to capture error occurrences even when you've reached your monthly limit
Customizable rate limits ?
Set rate limits to prevent Rollbar from capturing and billing above certain thresholds.
Fully featured API ?
You can use Rollbar via API alongside or instead of the web UI.

Monitoring and alerting

Account dashboard ?
See a consolidated view of all projects in your account.
Enhanced account dashboard ?
The enhanced dashboard includes deploy markers to help you correlate deploys to errors.
Real-time error feed ?
A real-time feed of errors for your project that comes with powerful search and filters.
Multi-project error feed ?
A real-time feed of errors from all your projects on a single screen. Great for microservices.
Intelligent error grouping ?
To reduce noise, similar errors are grouped automatically using a proprietary fingerprinting algorithm. Write your own custom rules to make it perfect.
Real-time alerts via Slack, Webex Teams, email, webhook, & more ?
Get instant notifications when errors occur in collaboration tools you're using.
Real-time alerts via on-call tools like PagerDuty, VictorOps, OpsGenie ?
Get instant notifications when errors occur in on-call incident management tools.
Forward Rollbar data to Datadog ?
Syndicate Rollbar data to Datadog for centralized visibility.

Impact analysis & issue tracking

Contextual metadata: impacted users, regions, browsers, & more ?
All the data you need to understand the impact of an error.
Rollbar Query Language (RQL) for custom data analysis ?
Use a rich SQL-like interface to perform data analysis and build custom reports.
Watch and assign errors ?
Triage an error directly in Rollbar: assign it to a developer and get status updates.
Auto-create issue tickets in Jira, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, & more ?
Automatically create an issue ticket in issue tracking tools.
Auto-resolve tickets when the error is resolved in Rollbar ?
Automatically resolve an issue ticket when the error is marked resolved in Rollbar.
Resolve errors via commit ?
Use Git commit messages to automatically resolve errors in Rollbar when you deploy the commit.

Data and context for debugging

Stack traces, request and custom params, local var values, & more ?
Rollbar captures and organizes all the detailed data you need to debug an error.
Telemetry ?
Telemetry shows you a timeline of all the events that happened leading to the error. It's like a black box recorder, but for errors.
Source maps, symbolication, and ProGuard support ?
Rollbar works with minified JavaScript, iOS dSYMs, and Android/Java ProGuard.
View source code via GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket integration ?
Get links to the offending line of code directly inside the stack trace.
Track deploys via integration with Jenkins, CircleCI, & more ?
Notify Rollbar every time you deploy to get deploy-related metadata on errors.
Versions: track the impact of all deployed code versions ?
See new and reactivated errors across all projects, by deployed code version. Great for frequent deployments.
Similar and co-occurring errors ?
See similar and co-occurring errors for any particular error.
Community solutions on errors ?
Make use of community-provided knowledge base solutions when debugging an error.

Security & administration

Two-factor authentication
Disk-based encryption at rest ?
All your data is protected by encryption both at rest and in transit.
Enterprise security controls
Basic SSO via Google and GitHub ?
Allow users to login to Rollbar using Google or GitHub credentials.
SAML SSO via Okta, Azure, and more
SCIM User provisioning ?
Manage and provision Rollbar users directly from Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, and more
Audit controls
Standard BAA for HIPAA ?
Rollbar is HIPAA-compliant and will sign a Business Associate Agreement with you.
Add-on Add-on Add-on
Custom BAA for HIPAA ?
For customers needing a custom BAA
GDPR compliance

Support & services

Email and chat support ?
Email and chat support for all. We generally respond within 24 hours or less.
Priority support
Onboarding concierge
Custom SLAs
Option to purchase through AWS Marketplace

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