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var _rollbarConfig = {
    captureUncaught: true, 
    captureUnhandledRejections: true,
    payload: {
        environment: 'production',
        client: {
            javascript: {


Discover JavaScript errors in real-time

JavaScript errors are tracked by Rollbar instantly as they occur. Get notified of errors and how to fix them throughout the software development process.

Similar errors are automatically grouped using Rollbar’s fingerprinting technology to reduce noise, and all errors include detailed data to help you assess impact and assign priority.

JavaScript error tracking with Rollbar

Get Error Context Fast

Rollbar automatically collects all the data you need to replicate, debug, and track a JavaScript error, presented in ways optimized for debugging speed.

Works with JavaScript source maps. Get stack traces, request parameters, local variables, affected users and IP addresses, browsers and OSes, deployed code versions, and more.

Rollbar automatically collects all the data you need to monitor and debug JavaScript errors

Debug Faster

With Telemetry — advanced event tracking — you can debug client-side JavaScript errors faster and see the behavior that leads to the error being thrown.

Unique to this integration, get a timeline of browser events leading up to the error, including page loads, user actions, network activity, console logs, and more.

Log and debug JavaScript errors faster with Telemetry

Tutorials on JavaScript Error Tracking

Rollbar provides what you need to deploy and debug your JavaScript app ready for production.

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Track JavaScript errors & get crash reports in real-time. Available in all popular languages and frameworks.

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