A better way to discover errors

See errors the second they happen with trustworthy alerts

See errors in real-time

Discover new and reactivated errors as they happen. Relying on snapshots and error rate based dashboards causes delays that can often result in a significant number of impacted customers. And critical customer errors can happen at low frequencies, making them easy to miss.

Rollbar gives you a real-time feed of all errors — including unhandled exceptions — so you’ll never miss a bug. Easily monitor all related microservices in one view and use intelligent filters to see issues by project, environment or framework.

Get error alerts you can trust

Alert fatigue is real. Our platform automatically groups similar errors to reduce noise and give you trustworthy alerts. Say goodbye to all the false or missed alarms. Our industry-leading Automation-Grade Grouping uses machine learning to regularly identify new patterns to keep up with continuously changing stack-traces — something hardcoded grouping algorithms can’t do.

Plus, you can easily customize the grouping rules or manually merge errors to fit your needs.

Instant notifications wherever you need them

Rollbar integrates with the tools you’re already using, like Slack, PagerDuty, email, VictorOps, and more. And when you do get an alert, you’ll see exactly what error occurred, when, how often, and who it’s affecting. Because alerts should be actionable.

With our fine-grained notification controls, you can configure the alerts just the way you want them.

See errors in new code versions

If you’re deploying continuously or have multiple code versions running in production, you’d want to see errors in specific versions. Rollbar shows you all new and reactivated errors from each deployed code version across multiple projects.

Track how the quality of each version is improving or regressing over time. And we show you who deployed the version, making it easy to find the right person to fix any issues.

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Not all errors are created equal. Know which ones are urgent and take immediate action to resolve them — before users notice.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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