Community-maintained libraries

We're fortunate to have a great community of developers who have written and maintain libraries for Rollbar in a wide variety of languages. This is a list of all such known libraries.

Language/Framework/Platform Library Author/Maintainer
Clojure rollcage Marc O'Morian from CircleCI
crowbar Michael Cohen
cljs-rollbar Moe Aboulkheir from Nervous Systems
ColdFusion rollbarcfc @jboursiquot
rollbar for coldbox Luis Majano of Ortus Solutions
Cordova cordova-plugin-rollbar Emily Morehouse of Cuttlesoft
Dart rollbar.dart Anton Astashov from Mixbook
Elixir rollbax Aleksei Magusev
Erlang erollbar Omar Yasin from Heroku
Flash flash_rollbar Rollbar
Google App Engine rollbar-appengine Jeff Schnitzer
hapi icecreambar Johnny Domino
Haskell rollbar-haskell [ Hackage ] Greg Weber
Ionic cordova-plugin-rollbar Emily Morehouse of Cuttlesoft
Laravel laravel-rollbar Jens Segers
Meteor meteor-rollbar [ Atmospherejs ] saucecode
Perl WebService::Rollbar::Notifier Zoffix Znet
R Rollbar for R Andrew Kane
Rust rollbar-rs Giovanni Capuano
Vue.js vue-rollbar Gaël Reyrol

Server-side log files

rollbar-agent is a process that runs server-side, monitors log files, and sends events of interest to Rollbar. It runs as a standalone process and no application-specific integration is required.

Installation and configuration instructions are on the GitHub project page.


We have an API endpoint that is wire-compatible with the Airbrake Notices API v2.2. If you are currently an Airbrake user, this may be your easiest way to get started.

To use, configure your library to use the host (if it is configured with a host) or the URL (if it is configured with a URL).

For example, if using the Airbrake Rails gem, put the following in config/initializers/airbrake.rb:

Airbrake.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = 'YOUR_PROJECT_ACCESS_TOKEN' = '' = true

Not all Rollbar features are available through this endpoint, so when possible we recommend using a Rollbar-specific library instead.

Other Platforms

If we don't have a notifier for your language or platform, please email us at

You can also integrate directly with our API. View the documentation.