On the Items view, you can filter your Items by many different properties. Some properties are direct properties of the items themselves, while others are evaluated against the occurrences of the item.

In all cases, the Items search will return the matching items and the properties about those items. For filters that evaluate against occurrences, except as noted below, the aggregate statistics shown for each Item describe the Item as a whole (not the subset of occurrences that match the search).

Filters built into the UI

Filters items by current level. Critical, Error, Warning, Info, Debug. Click on/off to choose any or all.
Filters items based on assigned owner. Find items assigned to a specific project member, any project member, or unassigned.
Filters items by current status. Active, Resolved, Muted or Any Status.
Filters items by environment. Auto-populated based on the data in the project. Any Environment, or choose an environment.
Filters items by source. Auto-populated based on the data in the project, and only appears when there is more than one source (i.e. language/framework). Any Source, or choose a source.
Finds items that had at least one occurrence in the specified date range. Aggregate counts shown do reflect the occurrences in the specified date range.
Finds items that were activated (first seen, or reactivated after being resolved) in the specified date range.

Search commands

Many more search options are available via the text box.

hello world finds items whose title contains both "hello" and "world" (infix search)
Server Host
host:web finds items that occurred at least once on a host whose name starts with "web" (prefix search)
context:home#index finds items with context matching "home#index" (prefix search)
has:comments finds items that have comments
IP Address
ip: finds items that were seen by the ip address "" (exact match)
user_id:12345 finds items/people associated with the user id "12345".
username:snowden finds items/people associated with the username "snowden".
email:dvader@theempire.org finds items/people associated with the email "dvader@theempire.org".
user_id:, username: and email: searches default to prefix searches unless an explicit suffix search is made.
e.g. searching for username:alice will return alice, alice1234, aliceasdf.
e.g. searching for username:*alice will not return alice1234, aliceasdf.
e.g. searching for username:"alice" will perform an exact match search.
Stack Trace
file:index.php finds items with stack traces with at least one filename containing "index.php"
topfile:mydomain.com finds items where the topmost stack frame contains "mydomain.com"
bottomfile:mydomain.com finds items where the bottommost stack frame contains "mydomain.com"
allfiles:mydomain.com finds items where all stack trace filenames contain "mydomain.com"
nofiles:evildomain.com finds items where no stack trace filenames contain "evildomain.com"
minfiles:2 finds items with at least 2 filenames in the stack trace
maxfiles:10 finds items with at most 10 filenames in the stack trace
Code Version
code_version:abcdef finds items that have been seen in the code_version abcdef
fingerprint:my-custom-fingerprint finds items that have the fingerprint my-custom-fingerprint (exact match, useful in conjunction with Custom Grouping or sending your own fingerprint string)
Item Number
#123 finds the item with counter number 123