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A better error monitoring workflow Rollbar + Atlassian

A better error monitoring workflow Rollbar + Atlassian
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Dealing with errors can be time consuming and often an interruption in your everyday development workflow. It's important that we at Rollbar continue to work to improve this process and that we extend the capabilities and insights of your current toolset and workflows.

Atlassian users can now rejoice! Debugging errors just got a whole lot easier and faster. With our latest improvements and integrations with Atlassian products you can now keep tabs on your application directly within the tools you're already using to build it. No more switching between multiple tools and services to debug and deploy code. Creating a seamless user experience and unified workflow around production errors.

Integrating Rollbar’s error monitoring with Atlassian’s products provides teams with:

  • Instant error grouping and aggregation: Errors are grouped by root cause and linked to your source code within Bitbucket.
  • Real-time notifications: Intelligent alerting rules configured for HipChat and JIRA.
  • Easy workflow and prioritization: Discover the most impactful errors with data and create issues in JIRA instantly with rich data, contextual details and error analytics.
  • Faster time to resolution: Debug, deploy fixes and track regressions much faster when your error data moves through HipChat, JIRA and Bitbucket automatically.

Watch our short video for an overview of how Rollbar and Atlassian's products work together:


Take your production error monitoring to the next level and maintain your existing workflow. By integrating Rollbar with JIRA, HipChat and Bitbucket you can detect, diagnose and resolve errors in less than 2 minutes!

By integrating Rollbar with JIRA, HipChat and Bitbucket you can Detect, diagnose and resolve errors in less than 2 minutes!

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Below are a few examples of how to manage and fix errors that occur in your software using these new integrations:

Get real-time error alerts in HipChat


Send real-time notifications about application exceptions and code deployments to your rooms in HipChat. Reduce alert fatigue and customize error grouping rules to get alerted to issues that matter most. Stay on top of code deployments and fixes as they happen. See HipChat documentation for more details.

Deep links to your source code in Bitbucket


Rollbar integrates with Bitbucket repos, Issue Tracker, and Pipelines. Create deep links to your source code in Bitbucket to help you diagnose and fix issues faster. Link stack traces in Rollbar directly to lines of code in your Bitbucket repos. Configure Bitbucket Pipelines to notify Rollbar of new deploys and see the commits that were included with each code deployment. See Bitbucket documentation for more details.

Add rich error data to JIRA issues


Connect Rollbar to JIRA and enhance issues with detailed error data like stack trace, error status, total occurrences, unique IPs affected, first seen date, last seen date and the date the error reoccurred and regressed. All conveniently displayed, linked and accessible within JIRA. Set notification rules in Rollbar to automatically open new issues in JIRA. Create and assign JIRA issues with a few clicks. With bidirectional syncing, statuses update in both JIRA and Rollbar. See JIRA documentation for more details.

Rollbar has integration support built for HipChat, JIRA Issue Tracker, a native JIRA Add-on (new), Bitbucket source control (new), Bitbucket Issue Tracker, native Bitbucket Add-on and Bitbucket Pipelines (new).

Attending Atlassian Summit?

Visit us at booth B19 at Atlassian Summit this week and sit down with a Rollbar expert to show you how you can level-up your app monitoring and error handling processes with our latest JIRA, HipChat and Bitbucket integrations. To learn more visit us at our booth, or go to and receive the first month of Rollbar free.

"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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