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package main

import (

func main() {


Discover Go errors in real-time

rollbar-go is a Golang Rollbar client that makes it easy to monitor and report Go errors to Rollbar with full stacktraces. Errors are sent to Rollbar asynchronously in a background go routine.

Rollbar automatically collects all the data you need to monitor. replicate and debug a Go error, presented in ways optimized for debugging speed.

Go error tracking with Rollbar

Get Error Context Fast

In Go, we do not throw an exception like in Java or Javascript. Instead, a panic is created after a runtime error. Because Go’s error type doesn’t include stack information from when it was set or allocated, we use the stack information from where the Go error was tracked and reported.

Get request parameters, local variables, affected users and IP addresses, browsers and OSes, deployed code versions, and more.

Go error monitoring

Debug Faster

RQL (Rollbar Query Language) allows you to monitor, perform data analysis and build custom reports on your error data, using a familiar SQL-like language.

You can use RQL to get answers to very specific questions, e.g. “How many users are getting 404 errors right now, grouped by referring URLs?”

RQL is also accessible via API.

Log and debug Go errors faster with Telemetry

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Rollbar provides what you need to deploy and debug your Go app ready for production.

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Monitor Go errors and get crash reports in real-time. Available in all popular languages and frameworks.

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