Catch Errors Before Your Users Do

Full-stack error monitoring and analytics for developers

1. Easy Setup, Instant Results

With a few lines of code or config changes, errors, complete stack traces, trends and affected user reports will quickly fill up your dashboard.
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2. Get Meaningful Alerts

Reduce the noise. Errors get queued, de-duped & grouped. Set up real-time alerts, daily summaries or chat & issue tracker alerts - you're in control.
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3. Analyze, Diagnose, Fix

Drill down to the root cause. With local variables in stack traces and JavaScript source map support, you can find and fix errors fast (or before they happen).
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Rollbar works where you do

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Messaging, Source Code, Issues

Built for Reliability, Scale and Speed

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Endpoints in multiple data centers across the world with automatic failover protocols. Uptime is serious business - view our current status.


Data is transmitted over 2048-bit SSL, our alerts scrub sensitive data from requests, plus Two-Factor Authentication.


Our asynchronous reporting keeps us out of the critical path. With anycast DNS, your data is instantly routed to the closest endpoint.

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Affordable options for a costly problem


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