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Assign errors to your team

Assign errors to your team
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Ever wanted to assign error items to other team members in Rollbar? Of course you have. Now you can.
It is a pretty straight forward enhancement, but here is an overview.

On the error ‘items’ details page, there's an “Assigned to" dropdown with the members of your team.
Once assigned, we’ll shoot an email to that team member letting them know you assigned that specific item to them, including link and details. They'll be automatically added as a 'watcher' for that specific item and will receive notifications about any comments and updates.


Assignment events will be listed in the item history section, so you can see who assigned it to whom, when.


To quickly find items assigned to yourself or others on your team, search 'assigned:me', ‘assigned:username’, or 'assigned:unassigned' on the Items page.


We're excited to get this out into the wild. Especially for some of the larger teams using Rollbar. Let us know what you think and how we can make it better for you and your team.