Automated error response

Take immediate, automated, action on how you and your team respond to errors. The machine works for you now.

Automation-Grade Grouping

Automation is only as good as the underlying signals it’s based on. Unlike many in the industry who use hardcoded grouping algorithms, Rollbar uses machine learning to accurately identify unique bugs in real-time. This eliminates noise caused by missed or false alarms and provides the foundation for AI-assisted workflows to proactively deal with bugs.

Automated issue tracking

Don’t let the small stuff slow you down. Automatically create tickets for any new or critical error in tools like Jira and assign them to the right person immediately. They’ll see right away what’s wrong and get to work fixing it.

You can also set up predetermined rules to control when tickets are automatically generated.

Set up custom automated workflows

Easily create custom API or webhook-based workflows using Rollbar’s powerful rules engine. Alerts can be triggered based on new fingerprints or high occurring errors, and can be filtered by any data in the occurrence payload.

Now you can halt or revert a release if there are new errors introduced. Or escalate alerts automatically to a different channel when critical customer experiences are affected. You can also send Rollbar data to other tools for a comprehensive real-time analysis.

Automate account management with Terraform

Don’t let scale get in the way of your code quality. With the Rollbar Terraform Provider, you can provision and manage Rollbar accounts automatically through Terraform. Reduce the time and the manual effort required to add or delete projects, users, and more. Just because your organization is growing, doesn’t mean your errors have to too.

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Analyze large amounts of error data instantly. Understand your time to resolve, deploy frequency, number of customers impacted and number of errors.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

Error Monitoring

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